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This is the very first template we decided to roll out with, specifically for you bloggers out there. We also believe that this would also fit any company/business website which just wants to connect with their users. As our first release and considering that this is on Beta we have decided to provide this template free of charge!

This template sets you up with the essentials for a simple blog, to write and publish articles on your very own website via a modern CMS. Frequent updates and features would be added in on a regular basis on upcoming updates.

Apart from the CMS this website/template also offers two distinct modes for the end user. The light and dark mode which I think you would be quite happy to play around with.

Do try it out and let us also know what you think of it and any suggestions or improvements you think of.


  • Provides you with a modern CMS which allows you to add edit or delete content side by side with the actual content shown.
  • Extremely fast load times for the end user. We achieve this by propagating pre-built pages to a Content Delivery Network(CDN) across multiple regions. So unlike a traditional website behind a CMS. This would not require any back and forth round-trips to the CMS for fetching data.
  • Customizable contact form by using Formspree. We plan to provide you with new features and improvements in future releases based on your feedback.


Preview Dark Raven


Preview Dark Raven

Please note that our public demo only provides you with the public facing uneditable version. We would be providing you with an editable version & user facing version once you request a template.

Optional Survey

Taking the time to complete this survey would provide us with some valuable insights on improving this template and our service in general. We would really appreciate if you take the time to to complete this survey.

Additional Notes

Note that we are still in our closed beta stage for this template. We would not be accommodating all user requests for this template at this stage. We would be selecting a few users generally based on first come first serve basis. A few exceptions would be made in some rare cases, i.e if we think that user would would contribute with good insights/valuable feedback.

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